Get rid of those clunky, messy falsies ladies because this season the latest beauty trend is going au naturel, in terms of your lashes. Full, thick, natural lashes are all the rage both on and off the runway and we have some fantastic tips and secrets that you need to know in order to cultivate your own lashes to full and luscious perfection. Having thick natural lashes does not happen overnight but with our tips you’ll be able to apply your mascara to help fake the appearance of thick natural lashes until your able to grow yours out in time.

Mascara Application Tips
When it comes to mascara application there are a few things you can do to fake the appearance of thick lashes, for example:

-Dust your lashes with transparent mineral powder between mascara coats; this will thicken the look of your lashes because the powder will stick to the mascara making for a thicker appearance.

-Apply your mascara in a “z” pattern by starting your mascara application at the base of your lashes and zig-zaging your brush toward the end of your lashes, this will help to separate each lash making your eyelashes appear plentiful and even.

Lash Growth Tips
When it comes to growing your lashes there are a number of DIY steps you can take to see some results:

-Take a clean mascara applicator and use it to apply petroleum jelly onto your lashes before bed, not only will this help to strengthen the lashes you already have but you’ll see some increase in growth as well.

-Try applying olive oil to your lashes, by simple dipping a cotton ball in olive oil and applying it over your lashes, being careful to let it dry and not to get any into your eyes. This method works well with caster oil as well and should do much to enhance growth and condition your lashes.

-Finally you can choose to the supplement route,  you can try products like Biotin and Vit. E to help promote natural hair growth.