For all of the ladies that love Game of Thrones, you know that Khaleesi’s hair is amazing. Her long blonde locks are so always so beautiful but we all look forward to seeing her braids. Sometimes her braids look like they’re simple to recreate but when you end up trying it on yourself, you realize that Khaleesi has some serious braiding skills that probably took a while to master.

In lieu of the new Game of Thrones season, we thought you might want to try out this simple four braid look that will take less than ten minutes and minimal effort.

khaleesiWhat you’ll need:
A curling wand
6 small elastics
Texturzing spray (optional)
Now follow these steps:
Step 1: Part your hair slightly to the side. Khaleesi’s part isn’t quite in the middle but isn’t quite a deep-sided either.
Step 2: Start on the side where the slightly deep-sided part hair is on and create a braid. You are going to create two braids: one that starts on the upper temple area and another right above the ear. If your hair has been washed recently, you can spray in a bit of texturizing spray or dust. Secure both braids with elastics.
Step 3: Repeat with the other side.
Step 4: Take the top braids of both sides and tie them in the back where they meet.
Step 5: Tie the bottoms braids together with an elastic but include the hair that remains from the top braids.
Step 6: Finish by curling the ends of your hair with a curling wand.
You’re now ready to watch Game of Thrones with your awesome Khaleesi hair!
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