The fight for gender-neutrality had reached the fashion industry and companies are embracing the new style rather than turning a blind eye to the issue.

Style has always been about personal expression. Adding a gender label to clothing has been nothing but discouraging to some consumers, as they do not want to be told which outfits belong to which gender. If a girl wants to wear baggy pants and a button down, or a guy wants to wear a skirt, who’s to stop them?

Brands like Abercrombie have already produced a gender-neutral clothing line for children in attempt to break these stigmas, and many more companies seem to be following suit. Additionally, H&M has launched a unisex clothing line. The goal with these clothing lines is to allow men and women to have the same options when buying clothes if they so choose.

Additionally, brand new companies, such as Phluid, have been created from the ground up to create an entirely non-binary line of clothes. Founder Rob Smith explained that “we not only encourage people to shop without binary boundaries, but also build connection throughout our community space, sharing ideas and spreading knowledge.”

It is important, however, to make the clear distinction that fashion companies do not want to make all clothing gender-neutral; rather, they wish for their to be more options for consumers to purchase from.