New clothing line that is not gender inclusive called, The Phluid Project, creates clothing for everyone. Their mission is to challenge boundaries with humanity.

The creator of the line, Rob Smith, has experience as a former executive at Victoria’s Secret, Levi’s, and Macy’s. His goal was to create a line of clothing for a unisex shopping experience, creating a non-inclusive safe space for a better shopping experience.

Smith wanted to create a store that is part community, part retail. There is an official store in New York and an online store. The line uses empowering inspirations for their casual clothing line, offering a variety of colors.

The Phulid Project promotes freedom of individuality and respecting the choice of gender expression. Their website also offer resources for organizations that support the LGBTQA community helping understand concepts of gender identity and expression.

Events offer opportunities for designers in the community through Designer Open Calls, giving a chance for the community to have input on future designs. They also offer the community a place for events and meetings.

There are some high-fashion gender neutral brands and are inspiring other high-visibility brands to start incorporating more gender-less designs. Abercrombie released a gender neutral kids line in January and artist Zendaya is starting a gender neural line called Daya.

This clothing line can spread awareness while inspiring other designers to follow, making a true gender neutral fashion industry.