Aside from her luscious lips, Angelina Jolie is also known for her signature cat eye. Sometimes it’s a very clean line with no eye shadows underneath and other times the liner is a bit smokey, like for award shows. It’s sultry, sexy, and best of all, incredibly easy.

To get a smoky cat eye look like Angelina, try this simple tutorial.

What you’ll need:


A light brown taupe eye shadow color
A nude eye shadow color
A dark grey shimmery eye shadow color
Creamy black liner

Now follow these steps:

Step 1. Apply the light brown taupe color into the socket of the eye. Use a blending brush for a more natural finish.

Step 2. With a separate blending brush, pick up some the nude eye shadow and blend the edges of the light brown color you applied earlier.

Step 3. Take your creamy black liner and draw a slight cat eye wing but only bring it 1/3 of the way in on both eyes. After you’ve drawn both, you can finish lining the rest of the inner eyes keeping the line as close to the lash line as possible.

Step 4. Dip a smudge brush and dip it into the grey shadow and start smudging the cat eye liners you’ve drawn. Concentrate most of the smudging on the outer half and only slightly on the inner half. For an extra smokey look, take of what color remains on your brush and apply it on your lower lash line.

Step 5. Apply mascara and clean up your under eye with some concealer.

Check out the video to see how it’s done by celebrity makeup artist Kayleen McAdams.