The summer has finally arrived and aside from tanner skin there’s one thing the we all want the most: beach hair. There’s something incredibly sexy appealing about a girl who just got out of the ocean and carelessly let her hair dry in the wind that we can’t get enough of. The best part is that it stays in place so you don’t have to do absolutely anything to maintain it that way for the rest of the day.


Sometimes, though, we can’t get to the beach. Whether it’s work, time, or distance, going to the beach may not be an option. For that, we’ve got an easy tutorial for everyday beachy hair with minimal product and minimal effort.

You’ll need these products:

1. Salt spray
2. Hair wax

Now follow these simple steps:

Step 1. After you’ve stepped out of the shower, towel dry your hair proceed with spraying it with the salt spray. You’re going to want to dampen the hair with this spray as if you’ve walked right out of the ocean. Try Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, $26.

Step 2. Part your hair down the middle and begin to blow dry it with just your hands. Tousle and scrunch it up a bit so that the hair doesn’t lose its shape as the salt spray combined with the heat can weigh the hair down. To create even more waves that look a bit more perfected, take a few pieces of hair here and there and curl with a wand from the middle of the strand and downwards. Both of these are completely optional as you can let your hair dry naturally if you’ve got time to spare.

Step 3. After the hair is completely dried, take a bit of hair wax and just apply it to the ends. It’ll perfect and define the look. Try Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Hold & Control Smoother, $22.

If you want to see a tutorial of how it’s done, check out the video. Be sure to watch the videos that follow for more on beach hair and an easy DIY on how to make your own salt spray at home!