Nothing says “sisterly love” more than borrowing each other’s bikini and Kylie Jenner is feeling the love. Not long ago, Kim Kardashian borrowed little sister Kylie’s black swimsuit and it took the internet by storm because Kim, a new mother, was able to fit into a tiny bikini and manage to look amazing. While the original bikini may be a bit too expensive, we’ve got a couple of lines where you can get this sexy yet stylish bikini for less.


Revolve Clothing, $85. This line has the exact same cutout out top as the bikini top seen on Kylie and Kim. Although the bottom may be different, it’s still sexy and will look just as great at the original. It’s not the most inexpensive but the top is the exact same as the one they wore. Plus, you’ll get some pretty interesting tan lines., $25. For another great option with a different design but same feel, Milano makes a bikini top and bottom that has cutouts. The cutouts, which are placed directly under the bikini top and above the bikini bottom, give a cool vibe to 2-piece and the price makes it even cooler.

The Kardashian sisters are always stylish and bit sexy so take some time to browse these two lines for bikinis inspired on the ones they wear since they tend to buy mostly designer and it can get pricey. Be sure to check out the video to see pictures of the bikinis and get inspired for your next pool party or beach outing.