Gigi Hadid talks exclusively to Joshington Hosts about couples dressing with Zayn, Bella and Kendall and dishes on her latest collection for Tommy Hilfiger. When asked what she has learned about her own personal style after designing her own collection, Gigi says that she has a different style each day depending on her mood. Depending on the day, she might feel like a tomboy, girly girl or sporty, so she kept that in mind when designing the collection for Tommy Hilfiger.
She made sure to have a piece for each type of “mood” attire. Gigi feels that it makes the collection more relatable to more people because everybody has different moods and they want to dress accordingly, so they can find anything within the collection to fit their moods as well. Gigi’s usual mood and style is casual and sporty. She feels most comfortable dressing this way.

A new trend is that people don’t wear their coats properly anymore. They have them halfway up their arms and kind of hanging off their elbows. Gigi describes this look as feeling like a hug or sitting in front of a fireplace. When asked which piece from the collection she would most like to share with her sister Bella, Gigi said that Bella is really into bodysuits right now. She also loves the bomber jackets and leather pants from the Tommy Hill figure collection.

For couples dressing, she feels that planning ahead takes too much time. When she ends up with coordinating outfits similar to her her friends, it is a random event.