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Lizzo steals the show with a teeny Valentine handbag

The American Music Awards were a successful night of incredible performances, well-deserved awards, and high-fashion moments. For newcomer Lizzo, her night was full of noteworthy moments in between nailing her performances on stage and on the red carpet. One moment of her night capitalized on one of fashion’s biggest trends of 2019, so much so that an entire Twitter account was dedicated to it.

Dressed in a neon orange custom Valentino dress, you would think the stunning one-shouldered tiered dress would be the item in question. And while the dress was super memorable and so loved by Lizzo that she called Valentino out for being one of the few designers to dress curvy women, the part of her outfit that stole the show was her handbag.

(Photo Source: essence.com)

The teeniest, tiniest purse I have ever seen.  The Valentino X Obvious Plant bag is the epitome of the small purse trend that has been seen on runways and in the hands of fashion-girls all year. The one carried by the Truth Hurts singer was so small she carried it with her long fingernails. And even though the purse was no bigger than a car key, everyone took note of the ultra-trendy accessory.


The handbag has received so much attention that an anonymous Twitter creator made an account for it after hundreds of memes circled the internet about it. From “me presenting my emotional baggage to new people” to “how close I am to losing it” the bag went on to be one of the biggest internet moments of the night.

While going this small might be impractical for day-to-day use, the small bag trend will not be dying out anytime soon, so find one just big enough to fit your phone and ID and rock it.