I was recently contacted by a lovely online clothing store called Glamorous for clothing reviewing purposes. Glamorous is a site that you can count on to find articles of clothing that are trending at the moment or compliment trending pieces of the season and all at reasonable prices. They feature clothing made by them as well as other makers so there’s lots to chose from. The pieces I chose from Glamorous were pieces that I knew could go well with my perpetual black, grey, and white clothing color palette as well with the time of year or even beyond that.

Keep reading for my thoughts on this clothing line.

4 Marie Clothing

Here you see the 3 pieces: a black sweater with sheer panel on top, a grey structured bomber jacket, and a black jumpsuit.

2 Marie Clothing

A close up of the material. The black sweater and the jacket are both very comfortable to wear and help with keeping warm. The jumper’s material is on the thinner side but is not see-through.

6 Marie Clothing

The jacket was definitely a great choice. Structured jackets are trending at the moment (take a look at Alexander Wang’s collection for H&M and you will see what I mean) and needed to have it. I tend to wear a lot of black jeans and sneakers and throwing this on top pairs well for me. It’s also very warm which is a must since it’s getting cold outside.

5 Marie Clothing

I’ll let you all in a little secret: getting the clothing to all face the same direction was such a struggle. Metal hangers (did you notice they were mustaches, btw?) and a metal clothing rack were never meant to be friends. There were more than plenty of outtakes of me just getting them to be still!

7 Marie Clothing

For this photograph I wanted it to look like what I would normally wear whether it’s running errands or going to meet a friend at a coffee shop. My style tends to be relaxed, sometimes androgynous, and wanted to portray the same with this look. I wore the jumpsuit and threw on a black blazer and paired it with black and white Nike sneakers.

The jumpsuit and blazer look a bit dressier on their own so wearing the sneakers made the outfit look more relaxed and wearable for daytime. If I were to wear this out at night for art gallery or getting a drink with friends, I’d just switch out the shoes for black or nude heels and possibly do something different with my hair.

All in all, Glamorous is site that I will recommend to my friends and family for online shipping. Not only do they have a wide variety of clothing, but they also have shoes, jewelry, and clutches that will have you looking through their site for hours at a time. Check out www.glamorous.com and you’ll be sure to love the site as much as I did.