Due to the degrading nature of plastic materials and non degradable materials. There has been a wide clamor for the use of sustainable materials in the production of goods and the fashion industry is not an exception to that. Popular fashion names such as Stella McCartney, Micheal Kors, H&M, etc. are all of the opinion to transit into a better and sustainable production ethic. They are in complete support for the promotion of ethical fashion and there is a new entry to the list – Timberland. Timberland is a company notable for the production of footwear.

Timberland as part of its commitment towards sustainability has partnered with another organization called Thread that collects plastic bottles polluting beaches and rivers in Haiti to produce the upper canvas in boots. The bottles are shredded into flakes and the mixture is a material that can be made into polyester–type fabric. It is widely known that the process is quite tedious and expensive but timberland is resolute and firm in its determination to promote sustainability which would in turn help the globe.

Aside the cleaning/collection of bottles from water-bodies, it can also help to keep water safe and clean while indirectly reducing the need for pesticides. This development would also help to create jobs for many citizens in Haiti where the process is starting.

There is much to say about materials that can be made from those renewed /recycled materials. It can be used to make women and men fashion material and clothing and this includes pins, braids, hand bands, wears, educational materials, socks, gloves and many more. Timberland would from now on promote the recycling of plastic wastes to encourage earth sustainability and help in reducing non-degradable wastes.