“The Voice” coach and singer has always had an eye for head – turning fashion. The queen of ‘The Voice’ bases her style on her mood and is most certainly a queen of fashion.

The 48 year old singer and songwriter is a 3 time Grammy winner who has been on our radar since the 90’s when she was the only chick in the group No Doubt. So, when the founder of the clothing line L.A.M.B. gives fashion tips, we listen.

When it comes to sunglasses, which is something we see her rock so well, Gwen talks about how she has been collecting sunnies for years. She hangs onto a pair that might feel updated just in case it comes back in style. When it comes to clothing, Gwen feels that comfort is key. She wants all of her wardrobe essentials to be comfortable enough that you really want to wear it. Another thing that Gwen finds important is color.

“I think colors can represent your mood so much just like fashion does.”

She feels that color and style is great extension of your personality. Gwen is an example of how her style just keeps getting better with age. Get the details on how she stays stylish.