The rain can look quite pretty from the inside of your home, especially if you have your favorite hot drink and book at hand. Unfortunately, when the rain makes an appearance on a day where that entails getting to work or school quickly, the rain isn’t as pretty. In fact, it can get ugly if you don’t have rainy day essentials like an umbrella or some rain boots.

Not sure what to wear for a rainy day but still want to look stylish? Try these tips and worry not about the rain.


Try a clear raincoat. If you’re wearing an exceptionally great look that day and think a regular raincoat will deprive everyone of seeing it, a clear rain coat is the way to go. It keeps you dry and looks incredibly cool.

Go for bright colors. When you know for a fact that your local forecast calls for rain all day, incorporate brighter colors into your look to brighten up your mood. Whether it’s the raincoat or rain boots that bring color to your outfit, try this and feel a little better about the mishaps rain can bring (we’re talking to you, frizz.)

Rain boots are the safe way to go. If you have to run around a lot to get somewhere, you’re sure to encounter quite a few puddles whose depth is unknown due to the dirty color. Rain boots will keep your feet dry and are super comfortable so take out those wellies and incorporate them to your existing look.

When all else fails, don’t forget the umbrella. Because nothing will shield you more from rain (and people who get too close on the street) than a big umbrella.

Want to see a few looks and beauty tips fit for a rainy day? Watch the videos!
(Cover and article images: Fault Magazine)