(Photo Credit: Collier Schorr/Interview Magazine)

The Known Blonde Baldwin Goes Brunette

Hailey Baldwin has been in the news a lot lately. Between, the wedding and the drama surrounding her husband, Justin Bieber, the fans and tabloids can’t get enough of her. But recently, it’s her newest look that has people all about Hailey Baldwin.

For those of you who may not know, Hailey Baldwin is a model and TV personality. She is best known for her buttery blonde lob styled in various ways. What you may not know, is that she is naturally a brunette, although she has never worn her hair that way. She’s had many different styles and colors over the years but has always landed on the blonde lob.

Recently, Hailey Baldwin has changed up her classic blonde lob for a new hairstyle that has people barely able to recognize the star. In a recent modeling shoot for Interview Magazine, Hailey Baldwin had a brunette bob.

In the shoot, the wet bob was styled with a simple denim jacket with denim jeans, looking like typical Hailey Baldwin, minus the typical Hailey Baldwin hair. Regardless, the new look is just as stunning as the lob.