(Photo Credit: HM.com)

Cute for the summer and fall, not to mention flattering

Is there such a thing as a perfect dress? If so, fashion designer H&M may have created it. You’re welcome.

There is nothing worse than having to dress up when you feel less than great about your body. You may have a few extra pounds in the midsection from that long break from the gym.

Maybe you are early on in your pregnancy and nothing fits quite as you want it to. Or you could even feel just a bit bloated and not your normal self. If this sounds like you, then H&M has the perfect dress for you.

So what makes the H&M dress so perfect? To start, the dress is loose fitting but isn’t shapeless like a sack dress.

(Photo Credit: HM.com)

The dress was designed with tiered panels that go out as it hits the bottom of the dress. And of course, it is the perfect length to draw attention to your legs that you have been tanning all summer.

Summer is coming to a close but it isn’t over yet. The mini dress is in and can be a godsend for those warm fall days. You can find the wide-cut tiered dress on HM.com in light beige and red.