A pediatric hospital in New Orleans, Louisana switched the routine of its patients for a flamboyant fashion show. Almost twelve children going through treatment were prepared for a fashion show at the hospital. A space in the hospital was utilized and switched to host a fashion show: lights, sounds sets, and a walkway were put in place to give a glamorous look.

The models went through all the preparations models have including makeup, hairstyle, and outfit changes for the ultimate runway show. The excitement of this event could be seen in the faces of these children. The New Orleans Children’s Hospital took to a tradition that has been going on around the country for a time, there has been cases when patients were dressed to walk a runway to help elevate the spirits.

This event was a total turn up and twist in the normal schedule of the Children’s Hospital. Among the children, Breanna Roberts who is a cancer patient said, “I was like this is crazy. I’m so excited” walking the stage in a red dress imitating a ballerina as it is her dream to become one. The kids were asked questions about what they wanted to become in the nearest future, a young boy mentioned that he wants to become a policeman so he can help people.

The models twirled, sparkled while songs were being played. The fashion show was also used to help them build motivation while offering encouragement and pushing them to dream big and wide as there are no limitations to what they want. The Louisiana state pageantry was represented by Miss Holli Conway who also joined the kids on stage.

Check out the video above for an exclusive front-row experience at this unique runway show.