Office wear is a never ending battle for women. How to appear stylish, powerful and sexy while still maintaining a professional polished look is always a challenge. Fortunately, this year there are plenty of fashion trends to suit any office atmosphere.  It’s very important to keep your work goals in mind while dressing.

Trying to show your strength and power, to command the attention of a busy board room meeting? Then we recommend a perfectly fitted pencil skirt suit. We love the Pierre Balmain slim pencil skirt with zippered accents. Its structure is perfect for the formal work environment, and it singing powerful business woman. However the plain old suit can look a bit boring at times, so remember to add a touch of personality to it. Pick a patterned under shirt or go for bright colored high heels to complete your look.

If your office has a more creative casual vibe, then try brighter bolder colors and splashy prints. Pairing high waist black trousers with a fun and interesting tribal print top is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Just making sure the top isn’t too overpowering for the work environment.  If you’re worried about wearing such a bold print to the office, throw a blazer over it to polish off the look

Try The Trend Tips

Of course, the everyday working woman’s biggest fear is being the fashion flop of the office.  So here are a few tips to make sure you’re the office fashionista.

Always add a little personality to your outfit. Now, we’re not saying come to work in your Saturday night party dress, but it is important that your outfit makes a subtle statement. Add fresh accessories, bold shoes or your favorite color top to your look. These items will help you stand out in all the right ways at work.

Don’t forget about your hair. Unless you’re a guy, the sexy bed head look is better left away from the office. Making sure, if you’re wearing your hair up, that it’s in a neat respectable up-do, think the slicked back bun or ponytail. If you’re wearing your hair down, keep stray piece out of your face by spritzing on a little lightweight hair spray.