This is definitely the season to get you glam on! It’s Christmas! Victoria Kirby shares some trendy makeup tips for this season, so whether you are going for a cocktail party or any event. You should not forget to apply some of these.

First the matte red lip and winged liner. These two work as a perfect combo and you’ll agree with me that the holidays are the perfect time to show off that your cat-eye skills.

Next is the red glitter lips. For those who enjoy being the life of the holiday party, the red glitter lip is perfect for you. Like Chiara Ferragni’s you’ll create this eye-catching pout, but don’t forget to top it with superfine, crimson-colored glitter.

Furthermore, you’ll also enjoy giving yourself the glided eyes. It is all about the eyes. So having that outside corners is very important. You can make use of a black kohl liner then add some blend by using the blending brush plus a black shadow to smudge that line.

The holiday season is also a time for you to try that shimmery smoky eye work like Zendaya’s. What you can simply do is that you can smudge that brown shadow across your eyelid then underneath your bottom lashes also.

Then you can add that holiday sparkle with that bronze shimmery shadow on it. The holiday look would be incomplete if we fail to mention the glided and contoured look. Contouring the cheekbones and eyelids is a good way to give you that look. You can do this by blending a taupe shadow into the crease of your eyes and then place it underneath you bottom lashes as well as your cheekbones also to make this look top-notch.

You pat a gold shimmery shadow along your eyelids and the center of your pout. Take some of these tips and you are covered for this holiday.