In the far back corner of your closet, or shoved into a drawer somewhere, may just lay a pair of overalls that can be brought back to life. Take them out and give them a whole new life.

If you can’t find the hidden gem, you could buy a pair and style them in endless ways! Here are the top three ways to give a pair of overalls a whole new look.

You probably never even imagined that you could wear overalls to the workplace, but you truly can when it’s styled the right way. You can pair them with staples such as blazers, button downs, and fun, colorful heels.

The next look you could totally wear to the beach believe it or not. It’s great because they go over everything whether you’re wearing clothes or swimsuit. If you have a new summer top laying around but you’re still unsure how to style it because it’s either to short or to sheer, put it under a pair of overalls.

It will look good without a doubt because of the great coverage they offer! Complete the look with sandals of your choice and a headscarf for an ever so beachy look.

Lastly, you can even wear a pair of overalls to a party. Think of overalls as a base for your next summer soirée, simply pair it with a button down long, flowy dress, but don’t button it. Simply add a belt to your waist bringing the dress into your figure, add a pair of wedges to look like the life of the party!

No matter what event you have to go to, you can always find a way to style those overalls into an outfit.