This year spring fashion is drawing inspiration for a dramatic and classic Spanish style of dance known as flamenco. If you’ve ever seen this style of dance preformed then you’ve witness the passion and emotion in which this distinctive art form is rooted.  Along with all its drama and flair comes some spectacular dresses and skirts with large oversized ruffles, bright bold colors and fun feminine patterns. Flamenco inspired clothing is meant to enhance all of the curves of the female form.  Fashion design brands like Balenciaga, Chloe, Givenchy and Gucci have all shown flamenco inspired clothing at 2013 spring runways shows, in the form of structure ruffled skirt, necks and sleeves, as well as beautiful Spanish inspired colors.

For a subtle yet fashion forward way to rock the flamenco inspired trend we suggest opting for a ruffled one-shouldered top.  The one-shouldered silhouette to very popular within the Spanish culture and the ruffle will be a subtle but obvious nod to the flamenco style of dance.  For a dramatic flamenco style look for a ruffle bottom skirt with a polka dot print, this type of skirt is best paired with understated black heels and a simple top.  A skirt like this will capture all of the movement that’s typically associated with the flamenco style dancing.


Try The Trend Tips

The bold and beautiful flamenco inspired fashion trend is one to try this year, and here are a few tips to help you master this fun look.

Enhance the look of a flamenco inspired piece by adding in bold and colorful jewelry. Look for bangles, beaded necklaces and statement rings.

Pair flamenco inspired fashion pieces with chic platform heels, it’s important to make the legs look as long and as lean as possible when ruffles are involved.