Knowing how to contour your face is one of the most useful skills to have when it comes to beauty. You can change your face shape, add depth, and even slim your face to either enhance your features or even change them completely. It helps give your face dimension which is great if you weren’t blessed with natural hallows.

Another great beauty skill to have is using any and every makeup product you have to your advantage: like using foundation as contour, for example. If you’ve run out your favorite contouring (not bronzing) shade, a great thing to do is use either foundation or concealer in that same shade. Many contouring and foundation palettes come with colors to fit every skin tone and if they’ve been sitting their intact, now is a good time to use them up.

Because foundation tends to be on the runny side, you may need an extra layer of product to get your desired shade of darkness. Just remember to find a shade that’s cool toned so it looks more natural.

But don’t limit finding a good contouring shade to just foundations as eye shadow palettes tend to have good shades as well. You can usually find these in the taupe or nude color palettes!
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