By now, you probably already know what causes blemishes and even know when you’re going to get one. Not cleansing your face properly or touching your face too often can cause breakouts but sometimes it’s out of your control like when it’s that time of the month or if a new product didn’t go well with your skin.


But what do you do when you have a bright red spot on your face that’s so noticeable? You can’t stay in until it goes away so we have a few tips that will make it less noticeable and will make you feel less self-conscious.

Before applying makeup, apply proper spot treatment. Once you’ve applied all of your skincare, dab a bit of spot cream or gel directly on the spot so it’s getting extra treatment during the day. It’ll make the healing process quicker.

Apply your foundation. Apply it as you normally would to your whole face with no special concentration on the spot. You want an even finish all-over without looking too cakey.

Powder up. Set the foundation on the blemish with some setting powder. Ideally, you want a powder that is yellow or has yellow undertones because this color hides any sort of redness. Because blemishes are such a bright red color, using yellow powder will hide them best.

Conceal it. If you still see redness, apply a bit of concealer to the blemish. Make sure that the concealer matches your exact face color because doing otherwise will make the blemish standout rather than conceal. Set the concealer once more with powder to keep in place all day.

Use these simple tips next you have an unexpected spot on your face for the best coverage.


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