Getting your makeup done in the morning before work or school can be so time consuming considering there’s not much time to work with. You hit snooze a few times on your phone and drag your feet to the closet to get dressed and ideally that’s where it ends but you take one look in the mirror and realize that a little concealer wouldn’t kill you. And maybe a little bit mascara. That helps too.

DG2014Having a quick makeup routine is something you can benefit from no matter where you’re going when your short on time. It’s a lot easier when you plan ahead so for this 5 minute makeup routine, you’re going to need the following products and items:
Foundation brush or sponge
Foundation or BB/CC cream
Concealer (optional)
Lash curler
Eyebrow mascara
Lipstick (one that matches your own lips)
-Setting Powder (Optional)
How to use them:
Assuming you’ve already applied your AM skincare routine and let it sink in, apply your foundation with a brush or makeup sponge. Using your hands is great when you have time but you’ll be ensured an even application with either of these tools. If you have undereye circles or discoloration around your nose, mouth, or other areas, apply the concealer after the foundation.
Eyes and eyebrows. Curl your lashes and apply mascara mostly in the root area to get the illusion of fuller lashes. For your eyebrow, run a bit of brow mascara through them for more color. If you still feel the need to fill in sparse areas, wait for it to dry and then fill in.
Cheeks and lips.
Apply a lipstick or tint that closely matches your lips for a natural look. Take your ring finger and dab a bit of the lipstick on your cheeks for lovely flush of color.
Setting powder.
If you suffer from oily skin or oily t-zone, set your foundation in place with a light dusting of powder.
And that’s how you get your makeup done in 5 minutes flat!
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