The always affordable and stylish H & M has just made every bride-to-be on a budget very happy; they’ve come out with an affordable and conscious wedding dress. This is the lines first wedding dress and was completely unexpected. The spring and summer seasons are a favorite of brides and the dress has come out just in time.


The dress has goddess feel as it’s long and lands just above the floor. It’s an A-line silhouette so this means that there will be a large portion of brides that this dress will look great on. The upper part of the dress on the chest area has beautiful embellishments in the form of flowers and leaves adding to the Greek goddess feel. It’s perfect for a more low-key wedding or a ceremony at the beach.

H&M’s dress is stunning and affordable so this begs the question: would you consider wearing this dress or do you have your heart set on something designer or more high-end?

Retailing at $99 on H&M’s website, we think this is a dress you don’t want to miss.