Dark spots can be one of the worst problems on your skin because they can take a very long time to fade away and can really kill a woman’s confidence. Usually, dark spots are left behind as a result of acne, aging, and sun exposure without sun block so sometimes they can be helped. Luckily, they do fade over time but it’s important to follow certain measurements strictly so they don’t have an opportunity to get worst and we have a few things you can do to fade those pesky spots.


Use SPF daily. So many women underestimate the power of sunscreen and that should change ASAP. Sunscreen will prevent you from getting sun spots in the first place and will protect the ones you already have so they don’t get worst. SPF 15 is the minimum you should use if you’re just going from your car to the office or school but if you’re going to be outside for more than that, SPF 30 and up is necessary.

Target skincare for dark spots. You’re going to need skincare that will target the specific concern on your face so shop around for skincare marketed for dark spots. Look for ingredients like vitamin C and Arbutin because they help with spot lightening. Murad, Clinique, and Hada Labo, to name a few, are skincare brands that make products to lighten spots.

Face masks. Treat your skin twice a week to natural masks you can make at home to help lighten spots. Ingredients like lemon, tomato, and kiwi are effective because they’re high in vitamin C so make a mask with these fruits next time you have some free time at home.

Be sure to never pick on a pimple because these leave nasty scars behind and can even get infected. Spot lightening takes some effort but a clear face will boost your confidence so keep these tips in mind if you’re trying to get rid of them.