Lucky you if you live in a warm climate where the term “layering” is barely ever said unless it’s used for jewelry or your hair. For the rest of living in bone-chilling weather, layering is an everyday word used for whenever we have to step outside. There’s an art to layering but when you can’t feel your limbs, your only thought is keeping warm and not necessarily dressing for a street style photographer.

For those days when you need to go out and stay warm but don’t want to look like you thoughtlessly wore every oversized piece in your closet, we have a few tips that will help you out.

layerupAlways wear an oversized coat. This tip sounds like a no-brainer but it should be religiously followed because it gives you enough room to wear as many layers as you want underneath. When you wear a more form-fitting coat it looks incredibly chic and even elegant but who are you kidding? You’re freezing underneath! When wearing an oversized coat, if it’s a solid color, you can wear prints underneath or vice versa. The key is to keep a balance between solids and prints as well as the color palette.
Leggings under pants are a must. You know well that if you’re going out with just one layer of bottoms, your limbs are going to be numb after the first five minutes of walking. Avoid that by layering leggings or even thermal pants underneath you own pants. If you’re wearing a dress, use fleece tights or even a pair of dark denim underneath to keep warmer than you would be with thin leggings or tights.
Don’t forget about your feet. The winter time is a good time to invest in some shoes that are half a size bigger than your own because layering socks means tight toes. A lot of the time people concentrate on the top half of the body and disregard the bottom half but it’s just as important if you’re running around. Layer up those socks to keep your feet nice and toasty.
Warm accessories. Beanies, scarves, and gloves are called “accessories” but really, they’re necessities. Chunky everything is the best thing to do as layering these items can make you look a little too bulky.
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