Crotchet is a revived hairstyle which was popular in the 1990’s. Crochet is a wavy hairstyle that can make you look like a celebrity. Crochet braiding technique us all about adding hair extensions which are done by first creating cornrows then install the hair extensions to the cornrows. However, some people wear crochet braid up to 4 – 5 weeks. Here is how to maintain your crochet braids.

Trim The Frizz
The easiest or the greatest way of keeping crochet braids looking fresh is to always trim the frizz every 3-4 days. Gently look through your hair and trim any pieces that have become fizzy and therefore stock out. Naturally, as you wear crochet, it separates and sheds, trimming the frizz will help it look newer and shinier.

Look Out For Edges
In order to keep your crochet looking fresh and snatched, you have to respect the edges. At least every morning, let your edges down by applying little gel or edges control. Moisturize and clean your scalp on a regular base.

Moisturize The Crotchet
During the dry season your scalp looks dry right? use oil on the scalp to prevent it from looking irritating and dry. Oil also stimulate growth and help your hair remain soft. Even though the hair is not a real human being, it still needs maintenance.

Cover Your Hair While Sleeping
Use a hair net or satin scarf to protect your hair if you want it to last.

Remember, do not apply oil on the weave so that it won’t get weighed down. I hope you benefited from this article on how to maintain your crochet.