We recently taught you how to make your own ombre t-shirt that will be perfect for music festivals and such and now we have another DIY that will go perfect with it: a floral headband. We love all of the beautiful headbands seen at Coachella and Firefly in past years so we thought this would be a perfect time for you to try making one of these. You don’t have to be attending one of these music festivals to wear one so don’t worry, any outdoorsy activity will do. Check out this pretty DIY to make your own floral headband.


To start off, you’ll need these supplies:

1. Garden wire
2. Floral tape
3. Flowers of your choice (plastic if you’re wearing it more than once)
4. Thin green wire

Next, follow these steps:

1. Wrap the floral tape around the garden wire. You’ll need enough garden wire that will be able to go around your ahead and a few extra inches to be able to secure it in the back of your head once you’re done.
2. Pick out your favorite flowers. You just need the flower and not the long stems so cut out most of the stem and just leave enough to secure the flower on the garden wire. We prefer plastic flowers because you can re-use the headband but if you just want it for a day, use the real deal.
3. Wrap the flower on the garden wire. Use the thin green wire to secure it place. You can start wherever you want so it can either go from ear to ear or just a few in the center, it’s completely up to you.
4. Cover the stems with floral tape. This will secure it even more and will keep the thin wire from possibly poking at your scalp.

And that’s it! You now have an adorable headband that was super easy to make and quite inexpensive. If you want to see a tutorial, check out the video.