(Photo Credit: Isabelle Grosse/fashion daily mag)

KidSuper Makes A Big Splash In Paris

If you are KidSuper, people expect you to be outlandish and cause a scene. And that’s exactly what he did when he arrived at Paris Fashion Week with a circus.

In case you aren’t in “the know,” KidSuper AKA Colm Dillane is a fashion designer who makes clothes for some of the biggest stars to ever grace the red carpet. Grammy Nominated Khalid, Grammy Award Winning Shawn Mendes, and Academy Award-winning Mahershala Ali (just to name a few) are also some of his biggest fans.

At 27 years old, KidSuper has come a long way from selling t-shirts at his high school cafeteria during lunchtime to launching a brand new fashion line in the city where fashion started. At the Paris Fashion Show, KidSuper brought out everyone he knew to be a model and walk the walk for his new clothing collection is released.

His mother, father, and even his best childhood friend were amongst those who participated in the circus. His genderless clothing line seems to be all the rage in Hollywood these days and based on the response in Paris, there is no doubt that it is on its way to being a global phenomenon.