Bangs seem like a good idea until a week or two passes by and you’re over styling them every single day. They looked great in the beginning and you love the compliments by people who hadn’t seen the cut but now that you’re constantly late to school or work because trying to tame them, they don’t seem that great. Sure, they look cute when you have time to get them the way you want them to look but when you’re short on time you need a backup plan.

For those days when styling your bangs just isn’t an option, try out one of these simple hairstyle fixes.
French side braid. Start on either side of where your bangs begin and create a French until you get to the other side. Continue the braid until your temple area and pin it down with a bobby pin.
Twist and pin. If you’re a fan of Jennifer Aniston and her hair, you’re going to love this. Create a middle part on your bangs and twist either side and pin down with a bobby pin. Do the same with the other side. It’s quick and a great alternative if you aren’t the best at french braiding.
Deep sided part. Create a deep sided part and bring it to the side. Pin it down with a bobby pin or two. If it looks too flat, spray in some texturizing or dry shampoo spray for a bit of volume beforehand. Finish with hairspray.
These are some ways you can hide your bangs whether you’re tired of them or they’re just growing out. Check out the video for more on bangs!
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