Mixing patterns is one fashion hurdle that can be difficult to overcome. Print in general can be pretty intimadting even when just wearing on printed piece so wearing two at the same time is even more so. Luckily there are prints to work with that are easier than others which is the case with stripes.

Stripes are a great starting point for mixing as they’re basically the neutrals of the print family. They’re simple but can still make a statement depending on the colors and the size of the stripe itself. Learn how you can mix stripes with stripes like a pro with these fashion tips:

stripessTry a striped dress and purse combo. The easiest way to mix stripes is with your accessories. You can do so by wearing a striped dressed (a skirt works as well) and pairing it with a purse that has a similar color to the dress or skirt. For example, if you’re wearing a dress that is white with red stripes you can accessorize with a purse or clutch that has some red stripes in it.
Pair thick and thin stripes. This a great way to go full-on with stripes without it being overbearing. Try wearing a top with wider stripes and pants with thinner stripes. They balance each other out and work great together. They don’t have to be both the same colors as long as the colors match well together. Mixing stripes, and prints, for that matter, is all about working with colors that match. The stripes can even go horizantal and vertical but so long as your top color works well with the bottom one, you’ve got yourself a good look.
Play with proportions. Crop tops are still a big trend for the season as well as high-waisted bottoms so they’re both a great combo for mixing stripes. Try going a bit fitted on the top and loose on the bottoms with balanced stripes for a great warm weather look.
To see more ways you can master mixing stripes, check out the videos!
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