Marilyn Monroe was a huge icon, and she was known for her looks and her Hollywood glamour. Marilyn is a fascination for everyone. She always had glowy and radiant skin, and always looked as healthy as ever! After tons of research, the ways she took care of her skin and the way she did her makeup have been discovered!

Marilyn Monroe, Jackie-O, and Audrey Hepburn are used the same products that were created by a famous dermatologist Erno Laszlo. Marilyn wasn’t actually as confident as she seemed to be. Her rituals included double cleanses, facials, high frequency procedures, and embracing her inner beauty. Marilyn even received a cosmetic surgery.

Her hairline was pushed back by electrolysis, and she wanted the bump on her nose to be gone though she never got the chance to completely fix it. There was also some kind of metal plate in her jaw to bring her chin up because she was very insecure about having a double chin.

When Marilyn Monroe first moved to Hollywood, she always hung out with the all the makeup artists, knowing so many tips and tricks. Her skin care routine was very complex because whether it was the morning or night, or she was going out, she had a different routine for each. She would start by using cleansing oil in warm water to really cleanse her skin. She also used the Erno Laszlo soap on her face and could not use more than 30 splashes of water! She used Nivea face cream as well as the Erno Laszlo eye and active-phelityl cream.

Before she used foundation, Marilyn would always put Vaseline all over her face. She was known for having dry skin, because all the products she uses were very rich and moisturizing. She used a frosty white and brown eyeshadow all over her legs and a full coverage foundation.

She also used lashes and brown eyeliner slightly winged. She also wore bronzer down her cheek bones and on the side of her nose. For her signature red lip, she was known for using the lipstick by Guerlain! Marilyn Monroe was known for all of her beauty, and it shined from inside and outside.