Keeping up with a beauty routine can cost you an arm and a leg depending on the needs of your skin and how many products you use. While having a simple beauty regimen is appealing, there are some products that you just can’t cut corners with. Products like creams, serums, and targeted skincare should generally cost more but with others like cleansing oil, cleanser, toner, and exfoliators, among others, are some of the products you can save lots of money on. And on the makeup front, many of them have double or even triple uses.
Check out a few ways on how you can save money on your beauty routine.
Buy multitasking products. Just because a product is labeled as a lipstick, for example, doesn’t mean you can’t dab a bit on your cheek and use it as a blush. Even mascara can double as an eyeliner if you’ve run out of your favorite one. Experiment with the products you have at home and you’ll realize how much you can get out of them.
Cleansing oil. We’re big fans of double cleansing (cleansing oil followed by regular cleanser) but sometimes that can get expensive. If you’re into double cleansing as well, use your favorite oil and watch the makeup melt right off. Almond oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil all work great at removing makeup so stock up. These oils are generally cheap and last a very long time.
Look for dupes online. There are tons of cheaper brands like E.L.F. and NYX that make dupes of your favorite makeup products. Simply search for a dupe of the product you want to buy and see which ones beauty lovers pick as a dupe. Works great every time.
Don’t spend too much money on a cleanser. It doesn’t make sense to spend an incredible amount of money on a product that you wash off after one minute of cleansing. Instead, search for cheap cleansers that are gentle on your skin while still getting rid of dirt.
Check out the videos to see more ways you can save money on your beauty routine.
(Cover image: Sephora)