Well, so far July has brought a mix of temperatures that’s for sure and dressing for the weather can be tricky at times. But have no fear because there are ways that you can spruce up your summer outfit by wearing layers while not totally overdoing it!
Believe it or not, sweaters are a big hit this time of year even though it’s summer. That’s right, it maybe hot outside but when you step into school or your office it’s as cold as a winter’s day. So, in order to keep you looking like you didn’t just leave the North Pole some good tips are on their way.
For example, a light cardigan cut off over a romper is a great idea. It’s heavy enough to add an extra layer, but light enough so that you still look in season.
Another great layer over a shorter romper is a longer sleeved cardigan. This is great in an air-conditioned space. It keeps you warm, but at the same time it has a summer feel to it. It also helps that when you’re wearing a shorter romper and you want to feel a little more covered, especially at work or school.
Dressing in layers is also great when you are either wearing all white or a light colored sundress. If you add a light cardigan over the top it will keep you warm and will give you the pop of color you need to make your outfit standout.
So now that you have all the tips and tricks you can be wearing layers in no time. Go ahead give it a try. Be sure to get creative with it and share your new look with us.