It’s inevitable: Celine took over this season. It started in the summer, transitioned into fall, and is still here for winter. The Celine bag has been, we dare to say, the biggest trend for bags this year. It’s structured, comes in many colors, and it’s leather making the perfect bag for many different occasions.

This winter it the Celine bag came back but in a tinier version than the original. It’s the exact same bag but it’s a little and who can say no to its cuteness? Not us. This mini bag has every celebrity and model wearing it like Dakota Fanning, Kourtney Kardashian, and even Oprah. When we said everybody, we meant it. Even designers have made their own versions of the mini, most notably Michael Kors. The designer is getting more attention on his replicas because they only cost a fraction of Celine’s and look exactly the same.

To learn more about this trend be sure to watch the video to see if this trend something you’d like to try.