Rumor has it, that according to Dutchess Meghan… blue is the new black. Everyone tries to brighten their wardrobes every year, with every season having a different big color. If you follow royal Dutchess Meghan Markle’s darling style, blue might just really be the new black. After all, the royals do know best.

The newest Duchess of Sussex always looks conservative yet board when it comes to her fashion choices, and the former actress is always seen in neutrals when with the royal family, but seems to love darker colors, especially blue, when she is in the spotlight by herself. When people see Markle in navy, they may think that it’s because of the British Navy, but the reason Meghan Markle loves it so much is because the cool tone is super flattering with her skin tone and hair color, and especially complements her in her photographs.

The night before the royal wedding, the Duchess of Sussex was seen wearing a dark blue $2000 Roland Mouret dress which was oh so chic and flattering. Even at Prince Harry’s charity polo match, Meghan was seen wearing dark blue then to! The duchess also wore a blue colored coat during a cookbook launch, and was even seen pairing a navy blue shirt with black pants during a sporting awards event. Though the duchess does love British Navy, she still loves her American roots and still rocks a black pant suit on some occasions!