Rihanna, a talented musician who is also known for her makeup line Fenty Cosmetics, just announced she will be launching a beauty blog called “Tuesday Tutorials.” The 30-year-old has always been a star, and is about to seriously up her game even more! Ri-Ri has taken to Instagram to demonstrate her products and in her most first post showed she how to get her #chillowt face, a very purple yet subtle look.

The pop star showcased her frosty eyeshadow lipstick in purple, shimmer blush, and highlighter. Rihanna always looks fierce and now she showing the rest of the world how they can be just as confident with their makeup! She even gave her fans some entertaining commentary! On her Tuesday Tutorial vlog she even said “It’s not too much drama, but its still drama, you know us girls, we love drama!” A talented makeup guru who is also funny has got it in the bag!

Her looks along will all of her upcoming looks are holiday ready, bringing sass and chicness to the table. Rihanna is always on top of her game and has never disappointed, so it’s no surprise that she’s expanding her talents even larger! Get ready for all of her episodes to come!