Show of hands, ladies: how many of you here keep your body at its most ‘natural’, i.e. don’t shave any of your hair?

According to a 2016 survey, 16% of women don’t shave their pubic hair at all. The other 84% use either strips, razors, or – yikes! – tweezers, among other less-used methods, to steer clear from so-called ‘unwanted’ hair down there.

But that’s just for pubic hair. A fewer percentage of women don’t shave their armpits, as that’s supposedly a ‘given’, nowadays. At least, if we believe what the media is telling us, based on all the shaving and waxing adverts that surround us every day.

Enter the ‘Januhairy’, a social media trend that promotes ‘natural beauty’ for women – including natural body hair.

In Januhairy, women are sponsored to grow their body hair for a whole month, raising awareness for loving our bodies just the way it is, hair and all.

The Januhairy Instagram page now has over 11 thousand followers, while their Facebook account has 1683 likes.