Justin Bieber is making headlines with the idea of selling cheap hotel slippers. The 24-year-old pop star clearly as found another way to generate income aside music by selling cheap hotel slippers.

It is so interesting to know that his new line of hotel-inspired slippers is already sold out just after announcing it on Wednesday. He took to his Instagram page to post the big reveal alongside teasing and promoting other merchandise for his company, The House of Drew.

From the post on his Instagram page where he wore the slippers and tagged his company’s page so we can see that the hotel-inspired slippers as a logo which is a yellow smiley face with the name “Drew” in place of the mouth. So yeah two eyes and a drew mouth emoji is the concept of the logo on the hotel-inspired slippers.

He as described the slippers as ‘Cheap Hotel Slippers’ and he also revealed that they are highly comfortable and super soft and white. He is already getting promotion for his slippers as his wife, Hailey Baldwin also took to her Instagram page to share a picture of her feet in the slippers and with the caption “Merry Christmas #houseofdrew.”

We can guess that Justin Bieber has always been a huge fan of comfort and hotel slippers as he has been seen with them of many occasions. Fans of Justin Bieber have approved their loyalty by basically rushing the first of his brand items.

The hotel-inspired slipper is cozy and they go for just $5. With this new line of cheap hotel slippers launch, one can never guess what goes on in the mind of the Pop star as he as clearly taken us by surprise. Why some of Justin Fans have already gotten their drew slippers, some others haven’t copped their yet but we trust Justin to restock as soon as possible.