(Photo Credit: Tanne Uddén aka Tanne Willow)

Kathy Griffin’s Blue Dress Gets Smithsonian Shrine

Even comedians aren’t exempt from fashion when it comes to putting on a performance or dressing for success for a set. Often, comedians make statements not only in their jokes but in their clothing as well. And this comedian is being honored for a statement that she wasn’t even trying to make.

Our Commander in Chief, Donald Trump, has definitely stirred things up through his not only his policies but also his statements (via Twitter) weighing in on pop culture and other societal situations. In May of 2017, Kathy Griffin became the subject of one of these judgments when she took the controversial and historic photo of herself in a blue dress, holding the bloody head of the president. After much controversy, she was accused by Donald Trump of being a member of ISIS and the rest is, well, forever immortalized on the interwebs and social media.

But that isn’t the end of the little blue dress. The Smithsonian Museum is honoring Kathy Griffin and has asked for the dress as part of the national history and culture exhibit. The dress, which in itself is unremarkable, will forever go down in the history of pop culture.