(Photo Credit: Kelly Ripa/Instagram)

Kelly Passes Down Her Prom Dress To Her Daughter

These days it seems that everyone is getting into the fashion game. Celebrities are creating fashion lines, musicians are creating beauty lines, and even teens are altering clothes and turning them into fashion statements. And that’s exactly what Kelly Ripa’s daughter did for her prom night.

Prom night is one of the biggest nights of the year for teens everywhere. They meticulously pick out the perfect prom dress months in advance to make sure that they find the perfect one for the special occasion.

If you are Lola Grace Consuelos, you get the perfect dress for the occasion and then, when your parents are least suspecting, you take it to one of New York’s best tailor and get it altered. Raza Wijdan was responsible for turning the dress from stunning to spectacular.

Photo Credit: Kelly Ripa/Instagram

The dress, which started out as a rather conservative green dress, received a plunging neckline showing her “all grown up” style. To aid in the styling, Lola had her mother’s stylist, Audrey Slater, finalize the look.

As with any special occasion, moms always want to take the perfect picture to commemorate the event. And as with any teenager, that in itself proved to be the biggest deal of the whole event.