Kim Kardashian Looks To Her Husband For Style Inspiration

Kim Kardashian West has long been a fashion icon, experimenting with style since all the way back in her Paris Hilton days. She is known for her unique, sexy, bold style which has only grown more noticeable over the years–an accomplishment Kim credits to her husband, Kanye West, and to her mother, Kris Jenner. Speaking of West, Kim has mentioned that he has introduced her to “everyone” in regard to the fashion industry.

While Kim’s looks tend to stand out among the crowd, she has only recently become a true fashion icon. Some of the items we tend to frequently see her in are trendsetting vintage prints, hip 90s-inspired vibes, or items influenced by Naomi Campbell.

Kim often wears designers like Manfred Thierry Mugler when donning her daring looks, and she has called Campbell her “forever fashion and muse” and aims to have fun with her choices.

Kim is both in tune with current trends and a daredevil when it comes to creating her own personal aesthetic, a skill we imagine she and Kanye are already teaching their children.

We think it’s safe to say Kim will be inspiring the fashion world for years to come. To see more of Kim’s iconic looks check out the video above.