KKW feels her figure is flawless

The Kardashians have never been ones to hide their hourglass figures, or how they achieve said look. From publically sharing workouts and meal plans to filming episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians at liposuction appointments, the girl gang has always kept it real with fans, even when parts of their bodies were not.

For example, Kim and Khloe have both been huge proponents of waist trainers, and have shared the results with followers via Instagram for years. In response to the growing adoration Kim Kardashian West has for her new age corset, she has decided to make her very own.

The waist trainer will be yet another item added to Kardashian West’s shapewear line, Skims. The line launched earlier this month and sold over two million dollars of product at the time of launch. The brand features various shapewear items, from shorts to bodysuits, made out of a material that Kardashian West swears by.

The addition of the waist trainer will give wearers the signature Kim K. shape—and according to Miss Kim herself, her waist trainer is significantly more comfortable and breathable than others on the market.

So why the waist-slimming band, you may ask? Kim says it makes her “feel really snatched” and honestly, that’s enough convincing for me.