Anna Wintour Appeals To Kim Kardashan’s Style

Anna Wintour is the kingmaker of the fashion industry. Myth has it that even renegade Alexander McQueen went mad because she refused to attend any of this theatrical runway shows in the early to mid 90s. (She’s since become a facet in the front row for the fashion house).

So what happens when Anna Wintour goes out of her way to say that she admires Kim Kardashian West’s style evolution. The Internet naturally breaks of course.

In her featured YouTube series with Vogue, Go Ask Anna, the fashion icon was asked by a fan “what do you think about the Kardashians’ style”

Prompting the reply from Wintour, “Kim out of all of them as changed the most, I personally admire the way she has become a little more minimal in the way that she is dressing, and a little bit more covered.”

Image Source: Pinterest

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Kim’s wardrobe appears to have an endless quality about it, and her penchant for opening the the vintage fashion vault whether it be Mugler, Gucci, or Alaia is to be applauded. Let’s not forget that Vivienne Westwood Met Gala dress that produced a thousand fast fashion knockoffs or her role as muse/model for her husband’s fashion line that’s defined today’s street style trends.

Wintour also expressed that she really like how the family was able to build a brand in such a public eye and that she was a fan of Kris Jenner’s creative direction of the family. She also remarked that she enjoys working with Kendall Jenner when she’s on set at Vogue.

Are we surprised by the statement? Not really. Vogue featured Kim, Kanye, and newborn North on the cover to the celebrate the couple’s wedding in 2014.