You know that old saying that goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? Well we think the saying should be changed to “A vintage t-shirt wasn’t made in a day” because it feels like it takes forever to get it looking worn in.

Nothing looks cooler than a vintage t (especially with your favorite band name on it) but it takes years for it to get that old, traveled in look. If you want to get that brand new t-shirt you just bought to look like you’ve had since you were a teen, check out this easy DIY.


What you’ll need:

A plastic container (big enough to fit your t-shirt)
½ gallon of water
1 cup of salt

Mix the salt and water together and place the t-shirt in the container. Wait 3 days and then wash it with a bit of detergent and dry as you normally would. Simple enough, no?

Tip: The collar is usually a pretty obvious giveaway that a t-shirt is still pretty new. Grab the collar and stretch it out with your fingers until your hear the stitches break. Same goes for the sleeves to you can do the same or you can just cut them off altogether and have a muscle shirt.

(Cover image: College Vintage)