(Photo Source: us.louisvuitton.com)

This. Is. Stunning

Louis Vuitton is one of the biggest names in fashion. As a brand, Louis Vuitton has made some of the most iconic handbags and accessories in the industry today. But Louis Vuitton is also responsible for many unique and collaborations that have forever altered the fashion industry. And now you can see some of this treasured history all in one place.

Beverly Hills, home of the wealthy and fashion elite of the West Coast, has opened up a one of a kind exhibit to honor the many collaborations of Louis Vuitton. The exhibit, Louis Vuitton X, features all of the collaborations with some of the biggest names over the lifespan of the brand.

(Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton)

Additionally, guests can visit Louis Vuitton bags and accessories dating back to the brand’s inception in 1854. The exhibit is open to the public and only available for a limited time. But that’s not all.

Louis Vuitton X will also feature the brand’s new handbag line, Artycapucines. Artycapucines is Louis Vuitton’s newest collaboration that features artist throughout the world including local Los Angeles artist, Alex Israel. The one-of-a-kind bags are representative of fashion by artists worldwide.

(Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton)

Hurry while you can to catch a glimpse of this exhibit as it will close September 15, the hours are Monday – Saturday 10 am – 9 pm and Sunday is 11 am – 7 pm. The address of the exhibit is 468 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.