(Photo Source: ThePopInsider.com)

It’s Her Universe In This Fashion Show

Comic-Con is back in a big way! Whether in movies, comics, or your favorite anime, fashion can be found anywhere. And Comicon has become one of the newest fashion shows to hit the stage.

Comic-Con started out in the early 1970s as a small comic book convention in a small hotel in southern California. 300 people attended the first one day long Comic-Con and were considered a great success.

Today, Comic-Con is an international event bringing the latest and greatest in Sci-Fi shows, comics, and special guests. Each year, millions go to one of the many Comic-Cons worldwide. Even celebrities are starting to make appearances to see “geek out” and see some of the craziest costumes and shows.

One of the newest aspects that have developed from Comic-Con is straight out of the fashion industry. Ashley Eckstein is an actress and designer who has turned some of the favorites in comics and movies into a high fashion line.

Her Universe Fashion Show is a crazy mix of fashion with just the right amount of geek-dom. “The theme is the power of fashion. We are celebrating powerful characters, powerful stories, powerful themes, and powerful statements,” stated Ashley Eckstein.