It’s only the first week into the new year and we’re already excited for what’s to come! The 2019 Golden Globes had certainly reignited the spark for beauty and fashion lovers once again. And of course, after seeing some of our favorite Hollywood stars walk down the red carpet, we can’t help but wonder: what are the top celebrity makeup trends for 2019?

According to some of the leading celebrity makeup artists in the industry, the new year’s top makeup trends will signal “strength, bold creativity, and next-level skin.”

Robert Sesnek predicts that we’ll be saying bye-bye to discreet makeup this year. Even pastels will evolve to more intense hues, and graphic eye looks will be all the rage this year. As for Carola Gonzalez, she believes that eye makeup will be more focused on heavy glitter and lip colors will be more glossy and vivid.

For Tasha Reiko Brown, though, the “bold creativity” trend doesn’t exactly mean that we should start piling up more makeup on our faces. In fact, Brown believes that when it comes to foundations, highlights, and contours, the general makeup trend will most likely return to more “natural” looks. This means creamy skin, natural-looking highlights, and almost non-existent contouring.