There hasn’t been a new artist to make a splash quite as large as Maggie Roger’s in a long time. Her debut album is a pop anthem that has united fans all over the world. She isn’t just any pop star though, she’s got a style that completely her own, and she’s not afraid to live life with her down, her face full of glitter and her pits unshaven. She’s truly an inspiration for living life to its fullest, and we’re here for it.

Rogers sat down with Refinery29 to talk about her beauty inspirations and how she maintains her confidence through all the craziness of fast fame.

“I’ve been in bands my whole life, and when I first starting touring this record it was the first time I was thinking about performing in a different way. I’m not thinking about jumping and dancing around on stage, even though that happens naturally. I’m thinking more about, How do I feel this song in the deepest way possible? And, How can I communicate those emotions? Eyeshadow was this incredible way for me to understand this more playful side of my personality. It helped me let it out and feed it and channel it,” Rogers said of her beauty style.

So what does Rogers have on her at all times? Unsurprisingly, she loves some of our favorites too.

“I wear Glossier Boy Brow in brown; I probably should be wearing blonde, but I like that it’s a little bit darker. I really like Benefit mascara. The glitter is an aloe-based product, which is cool because I’ve tried a lot of glitter that can burn sometimes if you don’t take it off correctly. Stila also has this amazing, vibrant eyeliner — I love the blue one!”

And when it comes to hair, she’s as low maintenance as it gets.

“Absolutely nothing. I wash it every two to three days. I air dry it. This is the first time I’ve had long hair — I’ve had a pixie most of my life. Lately, I’ve been wearing this Medusa necklace and thinking a lot about the power in hair and the wildness to it. It’s my best on-stage accessory.”