There’s nothing better than realizing your makeup products do more than they are intended to. Blush as lipstick, brow mascara as regular mascara, bronzer as eyeshadow, etc. the possibilities are endless with these products. Who knew you could do so much?
Unfortunately, there are some products that can’t really do more than their original use (we’re looking at your, body lotion) but can be mixed with another product to make your life easier. Here are some products that are better off mixed together:
Woman applying concealer on hand on white background close-up
Lotion + body foundation. Make your legs look flawless and even a little more sun-kissed with this mixture. Add a few drops of foundation to your lotion and you’ll have some killer flawless legs.
Face oil + lipstick. YSL’s Volupté Tint-In-Oil is basically just hydrating oil with lip tint and there’s no reason to pay $32 just for the packing. Make your own mixing half of a drop of oil like jojoba or argan with some long lasting lipstick for your own version of this luxury product.
Clear brow gel + brow powder. Bushy brows are in and if you want them to look even stronger, brow mascara is the way to go. Scrape off some brow powder into some clear mascara (you control the color by adding as much as you want) and mix well. Making your eyebrows on fleek has never been this easy.
Foundation + face oil. If you’re into dewy skin but only have matte or satin finish foundations, worry not: your favorite face oil can help. Mix a drop or 2 of oil into your foundation, mix well, and apply. You’ll have radiant looking skin without paying the price of a brand new foundation.
Check out the videos for more makeup tricks!